Get your Bike Protected

The Naked Bikes range of quality bike cleaning products will keep you bike in pristine condition and protect your frame from the elements

Ride with protection !

Wax Up .

You keep you car protected why not protect your bike from the elements ?.

Using our unique formula our bike frame coatings and prestige wax will protect your frame / forks for up to 12 months between applications.

keep your bike cleaner and looking good for longer and make it much easier to clean after each ride.

Why use our products .

Simple answer is !

Why wouldn’t you want to protect your pride and joy with the very best bike detailing products available ?

Welcome to the world of Naked Bikes

At Naked Bikes we love our bikes and we know when it comes to keeping your pride and joy looking the very best it can take hours of cleaning and preparation, Not anymore with our range of high quality range of bike wax’s you will no longer need hours of cleaning to keep your bike looking new our range helps you keep your bike protected  and looking new .

With Naked Bikes passion for cycling it was always our plan to provide a professional bike detailing range

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